On this page you can read how I can help through training, massage and groundwork.

In my lessons I pay a lot of attention to attaching the base, how does your horse react to your seat and your leg, how is the relaxation, how is the straightness, is there a good connection with a soft hand and of course a good harmony between horse and rider.

Sowieso is de dressuur er voor het paard, en niet andersom. Juist daarom is het ook voor warmbloeden, koudbloeden, Iberische paarden, dravers en andere types allemaal belangrijk om hun lijf goed te gebruiken. Alle basis onderdelen zijn ontstaan uit de natuurlijke reacties van paarden dus met evenwichtige training, kan ieder paard verder komen.

Dressage with cobs and heavy horses

In addition to the KWPN horses, I also train dressage with Irish cobs. A heavy horse is not bred for sport like a sport horse is. Does this really have consequences and if so how can you deal with this?

Dressage with a sport horse

I also train Sport horses, they are bred much more for sport than a heavy horse, but these tend to be a bit more tense and more responsive. How do you deal with this and how does a sport horse really let go in its body?

Lessons with our horses

You don’t have a horse or would you like to take lessons on a more experienced horse? I offer the opportunity to take lessons on one of my (competition) horses. I myself have my horses in the sport, so you learn a lot from this.

Massage as support

A muscle problem can develop so slowly that you don’t notice it. This is getting worse and more painful for your horse. Unfortunately, a horse is not quick to show that he has a physical problem or discomfort, because by nature he has learned that once he shows it, he is more interesting to predators. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border


Does your horse not move away from you while you want to lunge him? Does he come to you on his hind legs or does he just run in circles? Do you want to lunge your horse for variety, training, building your bond?