Coaching with is new to a lot of people.
In nature, when a new horse comes in the herd, horses always seek contact with a new horse to see what kind of horse this newcomer is. Is the new horse strong , smart or both? They do this to determine the rank of this new horse in the existing herd. When danger threatens, the whole herd have to ensure that the herd is safe as soon as possible.
If we now put a person in a area (stable, field, paddock) with a horse, the horse will naturally look for contact and observe this new human herdmate for his or her energy, so he can determine whether he can feel safe with the new person or not.

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How does it work?
We humans often carry blockades with us, so the horse cannot get a good idea of ​​what you can do as a new herdmate. That is why he investigates. With his nose, for example, he checks the blockages that you carry with you in your body. For example, if someone “thinks” that he or she would like to have a leadership role, but “inside” he is frightend to take a leading position, the horse will respond to the feeling (fear). The horse shows an image of fear or restlessness. The coach receives experienced information and by naming it, it becomes clear where the restless feeling comes from. This allows the client to take concrete steps in the direction that he or she wants and which feels 100% good. Then you are able to really take steps in your personal development and awareness process.
A horse also does something else; he automatically takes over from the tension from person standing with him, it doesn’t matter if this is a horse or a person. He lets this tension slide away immediately, for example by yawning or rolling. Us humans can also (unconsciously) take over each others tension. However, we are often not aware that we have absorbed this tension and therefore we don’t know how to get rid of it. By putting a horse as a mirror, it becomes clear how this system of energy transfer works. People who have experienced a coaching session with a horse always indicates that they literally feel “lighter” than before. This is logical, because the tension has largely dissipated through the horse.

Suitable for me?

Meaghan as a help in coaching

Horse coaching is suitable:
• For children and adults.
• For business
• For people with burnout, insecurity, fears, psychological complaints, overweight, lethargic, etc.
• It is valuable to let you experience how you can make contact with yourself through the horse. Your feeling and intuition play a crucial role in this.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following themes, or do you have another theme like:
– I don’t know what I want and can’t make a choice.
– I am insecure and want to become more confident.
– I find it difficult to lead or receive
– I have trouble setting limits
– I am afraid to lose control.
– I have complaints in my body and the doctor says it is “in my head”.
– I want to increase my self-understanding
– I have difficulty communicating (verbally and non-verbally)
– I suffer from stress and want to reduce that.

I have been a qualified coach with horses since June 2014 and I have obtained my coaching diploma at Caprilli Coaching & Training.