I love guiding riders and horses to a higher level. I am a positive and enthusiastic ORUN qualified instructor.
The training can be in Dutch or English.

“I think it’s really great that you care for the horse so much! Many instructors can learn from you!! “

Clients comment after a training

I studied Equine & Business Management and in 2011 I got my qualifications to become a trainer/instructor (ORUN diploma).

I was born in Augustus 1991 and I live in Amersfoort (Utrecht). I started riding when I was 4 years old, back then I rode at a riding school. When I was 13 we got a family horse and when I was around 18 I started competing.

After I graduated my study, I started working at Anky van Grunsven’s dressage stable. I worked here for a few years and gained a lot of experience.
A few years later I started a new study as sports massage for horses. I did this to learn more about muscles and biomechanics. I like to use this in my trainings.
I trained several horses until Dutch Z level and I’m still very active in the dressage sport.
I train with different instructors and go to courses and educational evenings to keep updated in the developments in the horse sport.

Courses & Diplomas
I have regular courses & lectures
The training courses of the KNHS are for license points and the training courses for First Aid are for the diploma.
I go to the lectures at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht for myself, I find the lectures that they give very interesting.
– Trainingsseminar dressage, Ermelo: In this edition of the KNHS Trainers Seminar we look back on the amazing successes from 3 Oympic riders, Coby van Baalen, Imke Schellekens-Bartels and Anky van Grunsven, but we will also take a critical look at training methods then and now. “What have we learned, what are the big differences and what training contributes to the way to the top? What about the mentality of trainer and rider? “
– Diploma: equestrian massage at Aeres Barneveld
– Lecture: Stomach problems in combination with housing and training, – – — Veterinary clinic for horses Hofma & van Gelder
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Jumping training seminar, Ermelo, the training of the equestrian eye by Rob Ehrens (report) at KNHS
– Seminar Dressagetraining, Ermelo, working on relaxation and harmony (report) by Sven Rothenberger & Johan Hamminga at KNHS
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Symposium: From hoof abces to tendon injury (report) at the Faculty of – —- Veterinary Medicine Utrecht, University Clinic for Horses
– Symposium: Foals At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht, -University Clinic for Horses
– Symposium: New dressage tests for instructors via KNHS at Valleiruiters, woudenberg
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Symposium: Gymnastics and obedience by Hester Klompmaker at KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Does your horse carry himself? By Marian Dorresteijn at KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Training young horses by Johan Hamminga at KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Why training? By exercise physiologist Dr. Carolien Munsters At KNHS, Ermelo
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Diploma: Caprilli Coaching & Training, Horse coaching, Achterveld
– Symposium: Mental training for children with Sanne Beijerman. At KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Training your basic horse by Johan Hamminga. At KNHS, Ermelo
– Education: Groenhorst College Barneveld: MBO equistrian & management level 4
– Education: KNHS, ORUN phase 2
– Diploma: BHV diploma
– Diploma: first aid diploma
– Diploma: KNHS horse and carriage certificate
– Diploma: KNHS Equestrian certificate

Work experience
2009-now, Ruijs & Istesso Administration Office, Amersfoort, administrative assistant
2012-2014, Stal Anky van Grunsven, Erp, Stable employee, groom & au pair
2010-2012, Anky van Grunsven Stables, Erp, Workingstudent, Stable Employee, Groom
2009-2012, Amersfoort, Operation of various hospitality businesses
2007 -2010, RSC de Treekhoeve, Leusden, Ponykamp management in summer vacations

2012, Veldstar Stables, Zeewolde, Final Internship, final grade: 8
2010, Stal Anky van Grunsven, Erp, Management Internship, final grade: 8.5
2010, M & M Stables, Voorthuizen, Breeding placement, final grade: 8
2009, Stal Punt, Amersfoort, final grade: 7.5
2009, Vendeloo Stables, Achterveld, final grade: 7
2008, Tinkerhoeve Bonte Parels, Venlo, final grade: 7

Pictures of myself as a child: