At my yard (Nijkerk)

Instruction, anxiety counseling, lunging, groundwork & trailer loading with your own horse € 30,- per combination
Instruction & anxiety counseling on my horses € 50,- per combination
5 day anxiety counseling course on my horses € 237,50 per combination
Lunging and groundwork with my horses € 30,- per combination
Coaching with horses € 30,- per person

I use a maximum weight of about 80 kilos for our horses
A combination = horse & rider

On location

Instruction and anxiety counseling with your own horse € 30,- private lesson*
Instruction duo or group lesson with your own horse – Max 5 combinations € 50,- per hour*
Lungeing, groundwork & trailer loading with your own horse € 30,-* per combination
Sportmassage € 30,-* per horse

– 2 combinations per 30 min

– Minimum 6 combinations per day

€ 20,- per combination*
* Travel costs From:

– Monday to Friday: Amersfoort, Utrecht, (zip code 3825)

– Friday and Saturday: surroundings Erp, Brabant, (zip code 5469)

– Is your location on the Amersfoort-Erp / Erp-Amersfoort route, then I only charge Travel costs for the ‘detour’ section

– Several at the same location can of course share the travel costs!

– Travel costs further than 10km from Amersfoort or Erp (or the route)

€0,20 per kilometer (go and back)