Travel expenses
Monday untill Friday: area of Amersfoort
Friday and Saturday: Area Uden/Eindhoven/Tilburg

– I do not charge travel costs within 30 km from my standard locations.
– Is your location on my route? Then I don’t charge travel expenses
– Do I have to travel further than 30 km from one of my locations? Then I charge 20ct per kilometer (round trip).
– Is your location close to my route but is it a detour? Then I only charge shipping costs for the “detour” part
– Several clients at the same location can of course share the travel costs!

Instruction, fear for horses or with riding, lunging & groundwork*
Private lesson: € 30 per lesson (30 a 45 min, depending on training and horse)
Duo / group lesson, maximum 5 participants: € 50 per hour

*If you don’t have a own horse, the extra costs for horse rent: € 10, –
I use a maximum weight of approximately 80 kilos for our horses

Trailer/lorry loading
Per horse: € 30,-
If you don’t have a own trailer, the extra costs for trailer rent: € 25,-

€ 30,- per horse