Year of birth: unknown, estimate 2007
Sire: unknown
Dams sire: unknown
Height: 1.60
Studbook: Irish Cob Society (ICS)
Level: Saddle broken

Predicates achieved

  • 1st premium

Roosje is a very sweet mare, she is a bit insecure but very curious. She is driving well forward.


  • Buckskin tobiano
  • Buckskin
  • 2016: Bellarose, Brown tobiano mare with Sir Camelot.
  • 2020: Hinaya, palomino with Amadeus

Honey Rose’s timeline

2016 with Bellarose

2018, Roos is 11 years old, we have taken her over

August-photoshoot with J Photograph:

2019, Roos is 12 years old

In 2019 Roos became pregnant by Amadeus. Amadeus is a plain colored CREMELLO stallion of 1.57m. This year we didn’t do much else because I was pregnant myself.

2020, Roos is 13 years old

This year Roos gave birth to a beautiful palomino filly Hinaya. We are also slowly starting riding again