If you don’t have your own horse, but would like lessons or would you like to ride a horse that is currently in competition or has had lessons, this is possible, I offer the possibility to take lessons on one of my (competition) horses. I myself have my horses in the sport, so you learn a lot from this.

What is a goed ridingschoolhorse?

In principle, all my horses can be ridden, but I only do this when the combination rider-horse is right. My horses are not ridingschool horses.

Because what is a “good” riding horse? A horse that is always good, does exactly as the rider asks, does not buck, does not kick, does not bite, does not rear, stands motionless when mounting, does not kick the door when it is meal time, pluck in its mouth does not seem very nor did he bounce on his back. These horses have learned that there is no point in protesting, being assertive, pointing out where it hurts, having a personality of its own. Fortunately, more and more people are finding out about this. They believe that the horse itself also has a voice, and not “should” because after all, he also gets to eat and get a stable that has to be earned back.

With me you also learn about the horse itself and experience things besides riding. You learn about the natural behaviour, things you do and his reaction as a result, lunge on request, wash all other things that come with keeping horses besides the riding itself. I do think that you are also busy with the horse, saddle and polish it yourself (under supervision of course). In this way you get a different bond with the horse, a contact that you don’t notice when riding alone, because: a horse is more than a bicycle with ears