Birthyear: unknown, passport 1995, estimate 1998
Sire: onbekend
Dam: onbekend
Height: 1,67m
Studbook: Nederlands Stamboek voor Tinkers
Level: M1

Results achieved:

  • Studbook champion class L2
  • Dressage up to and including M1, then retirement

Predicates achieved

  • 1st premium + star
  • Sport predicate Tinkers Dressage

Murphy is the ideal picture for us. She is super sweet and affectionate. Murph has a heavy past that would always bother her but what a great horse he is. She got on well with my father’s old horse, so my parents could go into the woods, she got on well with me, while I could hardly get out of the saddle with my legs and she was kind to my mother. When we just had Murphy we started participating with Tinker Days in Hoofddorp and Wehl, from there the idea arose to organize Tinker Days ourselves! These turned out to be more desirable than we thought because the first weekend we already had 120 tinkers on the site !!! Murphy is still part of our family. She still has ‘panic attacks’, she has been in stables with track towers and shovels for years, where trucks come, 9 out of 10 times she walks with you on a long line, the 10th time there is blind panic and you land with a horse and already in the ditch. The only two exceptions are if she has a foal on her foot and if she has a child / inexperienced rider on her back, then she is tough and sweet! She has helped many people overcome their fear of horses.

Murphy obtained the sport predicate by finishing the M1 with me and then got injured. Now she can have a nice mother about her foals.


  • Murphy gave birth to Meaghan, whose father is Silas, on May 23, 2010.
  • Murphy gave birth to Sir McConnolly, whose father is Sir Camelot, on July 1, 2014.
  • Murphy gave birth to Macklemore, whose father is Sir Camelot, on March 23, 2016.
  • Murphy gave birth to Myrddin, whose father is Viper, on July 9, 2017.

Murphy’s timeline

2005 (we bought Murphy April 2005) & 2006, aged 8-11

We have had Murphy since 2004, so for a long time, Murphy is the second horse we bought. When Norman got very busy as a horse for my father, mother and me, we started looking for a second horse. This horse had to have 3 requirements: 1- Be good in the woods so my parents could go into the woods together 2- Be good to children because I was around 1.50 high in the time so quite small for such a horse. 3- be furry! Norman had a weird tick that he wasn’t that nice to other horses, unless they were very small (not an option then my parents couldn’t go into the woods) or were fur. That’s how we came across the Tinkers through the search and we thought, if we choose a colored horse, it will be a Tinker! Well a big Tinker because otherwise my father can’t get on it. And so Murphy came into view.

Murphy is really from Ireland and therefore her pedigree and age are unknown. Her passport age is 3 years older than the age estimated by the vets. We bought her from Jeanette, whom we are still in touch with. Jeanette told us how she met Murphy in 2001, according to the passport and the salesman she was already 6, but according to the vets only 3.  :

“I met Murphy, then still Shelby on the internet and went to see her, a very beautiful and especially large horse (in 2001 a tinker of this size was difficult to find). When I got there it turned out to be with people who also had fairground rides. She stood in a large, dark shed with other horses. Still, I had a soft spot for her and took her with me. When I bought her it was drama, she was difficult to handle, not skinny, but lacking food, she ate mud from the ditch. Couldn’t do anything with it, presumably she was also tackled hard on the crossing to the Netherlands, putting on the halter was already drama Everyone knew better, it’s just a tinker after all, just sit on it! I let myself be bluffed against my better judgment and was completely launched, she panicked completely, she ran through the box, through the jury booth, over the table and chairs, just straight ahead. Everyone quiet and I a foot that looked like duo penotti. It has been a long journey, always back to square one. My oldest sister had to babysit for a weekend and would take care of it. No problem right, a tinker, if you drive ZZ? Haha 5 minutes on the lunge line and she came over the fence, she lay on her back. Sister put her in the stable and did nothing more. Dared to say it. After 3 months I thought, hopefully you will be deaf and blind tomorrow, then I have a chance. Fortunately not of course. But, we made it, a lot of rest and a lot of patience, in my way, always taking a step back if it didn’t work out. And it is still a topper. Then came the point that I got to a dead end, the biggest challenge I had had I think. That’s why I decided to sell her. A good home was a precondition. Then you happily came to us and certainly her path. She was lucky.”

2007 & 2008 B dressage, between 10 and 13 years

28-8-2007, Leusden, 180 & 178
23-3-2008, Leusden, 181 & 172
19-4-2008, Leusden, 192 & 179 > 1e
20-4-2008, Leusden, 177 & 185
11-5-2008, Leusden, 180 & 177
11-5-2008, Leusden, 185 & 177
19-6-2008, Leusden, 185 & 178
5-10-2008, Leusden, 185 & 177
13-9-2008, Leusden, 188 & 176  > 1e
19-9-2008, Leusden, 200 & 191 > 2x 1e

2010 Meaghan born & L1 dressage (between 12 and 15 years)

23 mei Meaghan is born

17-9-2010, Leusden, 182 & 184
18-9-2010, Leusden, 181 & 180
19-9-2010, Leusden, 178 & 183

2011 L1 & L2 dressage (between 13 and 16 years)

L1 dressage
23-1-2011, Leusden, 191 & 196 >  2e & 3e

L2 dressage
12-3-2011, Leusden, 196 & 183 > 1e & 2e
13-3-2011, Leusden, 186 & 177 > 1e
10-6-2011, Leusden, 185 & 180
13-6-2011, Leusden, 187 & 176 > 1e
28-8-2011, Leusden, 181 & 177
9-9-2011, Leusden, 192 & 188 > 2 x 1e
10-9-2011, Leusden, 181 & 174 > 1e
11-9-2011, Leusden, 192 & 180 > 1e

Murphy in de L2, 1st place with 196 points

2016 Macklemore is born (between 17 and 20 years)

Macklemore geboren

2017 Myrddin is born (between 18 and 21 years)

2020 bonusmom of Hinaya (between 21 and 24 year)

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is murph1.jpg