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To understand some of the reviews, here is a short explanation of the Dutch levels. To get to the next level, the combination should ride 10 winningpoints, you earn 1 winningpoint in 60-64%, 2 winningpoints in 65-69 % and 3 winningpoints above 70%

Review Melissa & Carly – KWPN – Competitions – Anxiety

For me Evy is really a hero! My chestnut mare can be very strong and spooky, but when I have lessons from Evy we always get through it (quickly) thanks to the exercises she gives. That also helps me to find the relaxation in the training. Something that I find extremely important in horse riding. Besides that I am, without any competition ambition, L2 + 5 within 16 competitions. With my previous pony I became quite scared of the canter, but thanks to Evy’s patience and confidence, I now also have confidence in myself and my riding skills and if it is exciting, lessons will help us through it again. In a short time we have progressed so much that I (again: without any competition ambitions) dare to dream of M dressage or maybe even further. Evy really looks per lesson what you and your horse need and build from there from previous lessons. You clearly get what you can practice until the next lesson, but what I find very nice and important is that she also explains what you should feel and especially why you should do something this way. That helps me a lot in practicing to know what the purpose of that exercise is and where you want to go with it. Evy is also very nice, the lessons are always fun and creative. I have never felt that a lesson has not taken me further!