On this page you can read how I can help by means of obstacle / scare training, trailer loading and groundwork.

Why is your horse scared of certain things? What things does he find scary or not scary? How do you solve it? Force and violence or rest and patience. Of course you know that it works best through rest and patience, but how do you do that? How do you stay calm but focused when your horse doesn’t move. Do you pass the obstacle, do you want to go through it right away or do you let him smell it first?

Obstacle / startle training

You may do the obstacle training in hand or under saddle. We adapt it to your horse’s pace and I’ll help you learn the right tactics in peace to take your horse forward with confidence and rewarding.

Trailer loading

Fortunately, trailer loading goes without saying for most people and horses. But if you are dealing with a horse that simply does not want to or does not go on the trailer, this is a stressful situation.


If you look at the herd you see different things, there are horses with more hunger, less hunger, more persuasion and less persuasion. But as soon as one horse starts running in the herd, they all run. At that moment that horse is the leader, he or she has set the herd in motion.