Below are the reviews I have received

The session gave me a lot of insight

I recently attended a horse coaching session with Evy. This was a very special experience for me. I came with the request that I often find it difficult to work together because I don’t like to hand over the reins. This makes me very tense in a group and demanding towards others and this is not good for the working atmosphere and can even lead to me being left with all the work. Because I don’t trust people to do their part. When I went to ask for help, I was already in the box with the horse. The horse that was close to me at first quickly moved away from me as I was building tension in me because of the frustration. This was already a very characteristic moment because I now got a very direct mirror in front of my tension and frustrations. Then I was instructed to walk with the horse to a point in the arena. This was a symbol for working with someone. In the beginning I was tense and when the horse did not immediately follow and did what I wanted I became insecure which made me even more tense. When Evy then asked me a number of questions after which I expressed my feeling, the tension decreased and as if it was nothing, the horse walked with me and there was a relaxed and willing atmosphere. The session has given me a lot of insight into how others react to me without being beaten. So I know very clearly what I can now work on to create a pleasant working atmosphere in a group.

I never expected this impact

I had a practice horse coaching with Evy last week. I must honestly say that despite being aware of the power of horses, I never expected this impact. It wasn’t like if you said something a horse blinked 3x and that was it. No, the reactions of the horses to my story were enormous. Honey rose literally stood between me and Murphy after a certain question from me. I had linked them both to a particular person in my life and they reacted exactly as those persons would. This was so intense for me that I suddenly had a genuine fear of Murphy. While I had been cuddling with her 20 minutes earlier. Just the way she reacted to my story and the role I had given her brought tears to my eyes. I was shocked by that I hardly ever cry and then a horse steps up to me (which I normally always trust) and all I wanted was to run away. This impact is bizarre and realizing this was important and helped me deal with those people in my life. I want to say a huge thank you to Evy for what she has shown me.

Immediately I saw my story in the behavior of Murphy and Roos

At the beginning of the coaching I had to get used to it and I thought ‘what is this?’. When I was in the arena with 2 horses and 4 people, 1 of which was someone Evy, opposite me outside the arena I told a story, a vulnerable story. I asked the question at the end of my story; how can i deal with this situation? Immediately I saw my story in the behavior of Murphy and Roos. This gave me so much insight. Once it was the other way around, I could watch the story without playing along with it. This was so special and interesting. It has given me so much positive insight into the situation that was not so clear before. Conclusion finally; Let people go if they want to, there are always people who will stay with you and protect and support you! I would definitely recommend this to people! So do you have a situation, no matter what kind of situation it is, and do you want to have positive insight into it? Make an appointment with Evy for horse coaching soon! She is doing great