• Amor
  • Date of birth: 16-04-2014
  • Father: Sir Camelot
  • Mothers father: Onbekend
  • Mother: Summer (Max van de Kapershoeve)
  • Mothers mother: Onbekend
  • Height: 1.65
  • Studbook: Nederlands Stamboek Voor Tinkers
  • Breeder: Gorgeous Horse Stables

Amor is breeded at Gorgeous Horse Stables with their own stallion Sir Camelot.

Amor’s breeding:

Amor is a very sweet, calm boy. He is certainly interested in mares but does not drive himself crazy. He is a bit hesitant in everything he does but a very sweet horse.

Amor’s timeline

2014: Amor is born

2015 + 2016: Amor is 1 en 2 years old

2017: Amor is 3 years old

This year we brought Amor home and started getting him used to the saddle

2018: Amor is 4 years old

We measured Amor! He is now 1.59 m high! We also started breaking the saddle in July. First hang slowly, get on, get off, and then get on and slowly but surely continue.

21 august:

2019: Amor is 5 years old

We are slowly continuing to train, but at a slightly slower pace because I was pregnant with Lina this year

2020: Amor is 6 years old

This year he got a few months vacation when I gave birth and was got him under the saddle again when Lina was a few months old