Stablename: Mack
Date of birth: 23-03-2016
Sire: Sir Camelot
Dam: Murphy
Dam’s sire: Onbekend
Studbook: Nederlands Stamboek Voor Tinkers
Breeder: familie Ruijs

Breeding Mack

Macklemore is Murphy’s third foal. We had her covered for the second time by Sir Camelot, who also hatched a very nice foal in 2014. Unfortunately, it did not become older than 3 days, so we did the same combination again. He quickly got sucking reflexes, got up quickly and his first poo came on time.

Mack has been a mother’s baby from the start. He is very shy but a happy horse

Mack’s timeline:

2016: Macklemore is born

The first 36 hour

Mack has been in the studbook magazine with his birth and he had a baby party at 3 months old. When he was 6 months old, he was already 1.40m high.


2017: Macklemore is 1 year old

2018: Macklemore is 2 years old

We measured Mack: 1.54 high!


2019: Macklemore is 3 years old

2019 mainly consisted of playing with sail and football. I myself became pregnant with Lina in 2019 and then we decided to break Mack at the age of 3, ride it lightly and release it for a few more months.

2020: Macklemore is 4 years old

Mack has been on holiday most of the year and has been calmly picked up again.