About Evy

I am a positive and enthusiastic ORUN instructor. I enjoy guiding riders and horses to a higher level.
It is possible to have English lesssons.

“I think it’s really great that you look at the horse so much! Many instructors can learn from you!! “


After my study in Equines & Management (where I also obtained my instructor diploma) I worked for Anky van Grunsven for several years, I gained a lot of experience and learned a lot in these years.
During the study sportmassage for horses I also delved into the muscles, muscle groups and biomechanics, which I use a lot in my teaching (which muscles do you want, and which muscles you don’t want not to use).
I have trained and released several horses up to and including dutch Z level and I am still active in competition sport with several horses.

I was born in August 1991 and live in Amersfoort (Utrecht).
When I was 4 years old I started riding in the ponyriding lessons. At the age of 13 I started my first riding competitions on our horses Norman, Murphy and later with L’Espoir and at the age of 18 I took this seriously.
In 2011 I obtained my ORUN instruction diploma and now I teach in almost whole the Netherlands.

I worked at Anky van Grunsven dressage stable for 4 years.


I completed my MAVO at the Hooghe Landt College in Amersfoort. And then achieved my MBO Equine & Management level 4 in Barneveld.
I have lessons at least once a week and I also follow various courses and refresher courses to keep abreast of developments in equestrian sports. I train myself with different instructors.

Courses & Diplomas
I have regular courses & lectures
The training courses of the KNHS are for license points and the training courses for First Aid are for the diploma.
Lectures I do the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for myself. I find the lectures that they give very interesting.
– Diploma: equestrian massage at Aeres Barneveld
– Lecture: Stomach problems in combination with housing and training, – – — Veterinary clinic for horses Hofma & van Gelder
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Jumping training seminar, Ermelo, the training of the equestrian eye by Rob Ehrens (report) at KNHS
– Seminar Dressagetraining, Ermelo, working on relaxation and harmony (report) by Sven Rothenberger & Johan Hamminga at KNHS
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Symposium: From hoof ulcer to tendon injury (report) at the Faculty of – —- Veterinary Medicine Utrecht, University Clinic for Horses
– Symposium: Foals At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht, -University Clinic for Horses
– Symposium: New dressage tests for instructors via KNHS at Valleiruiters, woudenberg
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Symposium: Gymnastics and obedience by Hester Klompmaker at KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Does your horse run on its own? By Marian Dorresteijn at KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Training young horses training by Johan Hamminga at KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Why training? By exercise physiologist Dr. Carolien Munsters At KNHS, Ermelo
– Refresher courses First Aid, Nijkerk (10x per year)
– Education: Caprilli Coaching & Training, Horse coaching, Achterveld
– Symposium: Mental training for children with Sanne Beijerman. At KNHS, Ermelo
– Symposium: Training your basic horse by Johan Hamminga. At KNHS, Ermelo
– Education: Groenhorst College Barneveld: MBO Horse breeding & management level 4
– Education: KNHS, ORUN phase 2
– Diploma: BHV diploma
– Diploma: first aid diploma
– Diploma: KNHS horse and carriage certificate
– Diploma: KNHS Equestrian certificate


2012, Veldstar Stables, Zeewolde, Final Internship, final grade: 8
2010, Stal Anky van Grunsven, Erp, Management Internship, final grade: 8.5
2010, M & M Stables, Voorthuizen, Breeding placement, final grade: 8
2009, Stal Punt, Amersfoort, final grade: 7.5
2009, Vendeloo Stables, Achterveld, final grade: 7
2008, Tinkerhoeve Bonte Parels, Venlo, final grade: 7


Work experience
2009-now, Ruijs & Istesso Administration Office, Amersfoort, Light administrative assistant
2012-2014, Stal Anky van Grunsven, Erp, Stable employee, groom & au pair
2010-2012, Anky van Grunsven Stables, Erp, Holiday Power, Stable Employee, Groom
2009-2012, Amersfoort, Operation of various hospitality businesses
2007 -2010, RSC de Treekhoeve, Leusden, Ponykamp management in summer vacations